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Origin and Description
Caramel Color is the dark brown material that results from the carefully controlled heat treatment of food grade carbohydrates. In fact, for many years Caramel Color was known as "burnt sugar color."
Caramel Color Classes
Internationally the joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) has divided Caramel Color into four classes depending on the food grade reactants used in its manufacturing:
* E150a Class I is Plain Caramel Color
* E150b Class II is Caustic Sulfite Process Caramel Color
* E150c Class III is Ammonia Process Caramel Color
* E150d Class IV is Sulfite Ammonia Process Caramel Color
Tests on these classes of Caramel Color have supported the safety of the product.
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We work only with suppliers that are subject to the same high standards - giving our customers the confidence to know that our Caramel Colors are non-GMO and have comprehensive, certified traceability.
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