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Sethness-Roquette Caramel Color is highly versatile. For one, Caramel Color can be used for a broad range of color
requirements - everything from golden yellow to the darkest browns.

To generate a more uniform color, liquid Caramel Colors should be added to other liquid ingredients before the liquid mixture is added to the dry ingredients.The most commonly used liquid caramel colors for baked goods include SRC4400, SRC3212, and SRC3340. Typical dosages would be 1% -5%.
For both soft and hard candies, both caramels – SRC4400 and SRC3212, are widely used. Both SRC4400 and SRC3212 are used in numerous candy applications that need light to rich brown appearances.
The brewing grains (corn, rice, barley, wheat…) used for producing dark and sweet beers can vary in protein content and carbohydrate content from harvest to harvest. Caramel colors are often used to standardize the final beer color and to compensate for the variation in the consistency of the malt color as produced by the manufacturers.
In addition to providing excellent reddish to brown hues, caramel color can enhance soft drinks foaming characteristics, mouth feel, and flavour. Typical examples are colas, root beers, ginger ales, sarsaparilla, etc.
Salt content plays an important role in sauce applications (soy, fish). These sauces can contain as much as 20–25% salt in addition to the protein from wheat or soybeans. The caramel color used must be compatible with the salt level and the protein (which are positively charged) or the resulting mixture may become hazy or form a precipitate (sedimentation).

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