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Sethness-Roquette Caramel Color is highly versatile. For one, Caramel Color can be used for a broad range of color requirements - everything from golden yellow to the darkest browns. Additionally, our Caramel Color can be tailored precisely to conditions in your food products since it works well in a wide variety of chemical and physical environments. For example, we have Caramel Colors that function well in different alcohol or salt environments and across pH levels from 2-10. Caramel Color can also offer an emulsifying effect - important when oils are present in liquids such as soft drinks. Sethness-Roquette Caramel Color can be used in a seemingly unlimited number of beverages and foods, from carbonated drinks, to soups, to sauces and marinades to frozen foods.

Caramel Color also offers excellent microbiological stability. Therefore it is easy to handle and store. Under the right conditions, Caramel Color may be stored for a minimum of two years.

Versatility is also reflected in the economics. Not only is Sethness-Roquette Caramel Color one of the lowest-cost color options, but generally only a small amount is needed to achieve the desired result. These two factors add up to one cost-effective and versatile color.


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